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Jul 30 2019 -
Create Account and GET FREE COIN (Balance of tibia coins: 10000 Coins)
Create Account and GET FREE COIN (Balance of tibia coins: 10000 Coins)
Jul 30 2019 -
the store is in trial mode, buy a cointy in no money
the store is in trial mode, buy a cointy in no money
Jul 30 2019 -
30/07 Start advertisement on Welcome New Players and have fun
30/07 Start advertisement on Welcome New Players and have fun
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IP:|  Port: 7171 |  Client: download - Server Info - (Buy Coins TESTING mode all options for free, GO Check Donate and use our STORE in Game.)

Welcome to RealTibia.euThe server is currently in the testing phase of Tibia Coin for free. We are working hard to make you enjoy the game, welcome to the section
Create your account now here your fun is guaranteed!
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Jul 26 2019 -
Last Testing restart account. Official comming sonn...

Witam wszystkich graczy chciałem poinformować was ze ciągłe prace nad serwerem zbliżają nas coraz bliżej do oficjalnego startu
o którym zostaniecie poinformowani niebawem, wraz z tą aktualizacją o nazwie "Beta 3.0"
ostatni raz resetujemy wszystkie konta, chcemy wam bardzo serdecznie podziękować za zaangażowanie i zgłaszanie błędów poczyniliśmy znaczne postępy dzięki wam!

Exp będzie nadal znacznie się różnił od oficjalnej wersi abyście mogli przetestować lokacje które wymagają sporej ilości doświadczenia.

Dodatkowa informacja: Darmowe punkty przy zakładaniu konta zostały włączone 10,000 Tibia Coins, oraz testując nasz "Donate System" który jest w fazie testowej wiec nie wydacie ani grosza.

Wszystkie sugestie i propozycje dotyczące serwera takie jak np: EXP RATESKILLSACCES QUEST czy nawet STORE są mile widziane i można się nimi dzielić na naszym FORUM

Hello to all players I wanted to inform you that the continuous work on the server is getting closer to the official start of which you will be informed soon,
along with this update called "Beta 3.0" the last time we reset all accounts, we want to thank you very much for your commitment and reporting we have made significant progress thanks to you!

Exp will still be very different from the official version so that you can test locations that require a lot of experience.


Additional information: 10,000 Tibia Coins have been included in the free account setting, and testing our "Donate System" which is in the testing phase so you will not spend a penny.


All suggestions and suggestions regarding the server such as EXP RATESKILLSACCES QUEST or even STORE are welcome and you can share them on our FORUM


RPG/PvP Servers, exp Low Rate, Free Premiums Account, Balanced Vocations, Stability Hosting.
Orginal REAL MAPs, Feyrist, Grimvale, Secret Library, Deep Desert, Sunken Temple, Dangerous Depthsa and more...


Version 10.98 include Sprites 12.15
New "Window AutoLooTing!add Rotworm | select item > container with pickup next click Comfirm or Remove. |
Prey With 10~ Clients
Imbuing Items
Shared Experience | vocation 20/30/60/100
Daily Rewards
Auto Raid
Reward Chest
Cask 1000 charges.(unwrap only own You house.)
Kegs 500 charges. It weighs 125.00 oz. (good for lower levels.)
Live Cast
Character Auction
Exercise Weapons 5x faster if training in House Dummies give +20%
Report bugs CTRL + Z


Quests without pre-missions example poi, inq
Falcon Items, Monsters, Boss, Quest
Without Quest can to sell in Rashid and Djins.
Mounts 83 and Outfits 145 you can get hold in real.
We added it in the last major update:
- Secret Library
- Deep Desert
- Sunken Temple
- MOTA Extension
- First Dragon Quest
- Forgotten Knowledge Quest (Full: Death portal, earth portal)
- The Great Dragon Hunt Quest
- Heart of Destruction Quest
- Cults of Tibia
- Dangerous Depths
- Mirror Asura (250 lvl) ...and many more.

Cast Open Channel Give Bonus exp + 10%Live spectators exp Bonus : 6 up 11%, 11 up 13%, 19 up 16%, 29 up 22%.



Weekly Bonus Exp up 20% -- soon

XP Boost up 50% on 1 Hour, Buy Only STORAGE and reward in Special Events.

Experience Rate:

only for test / official edition

1 - 8, - 350x / 70x
9 - 19, - 300x / 60x
20 - 49, - 250x / 50x
50 - 74, - 175x / 35x
75 - 99, - 100x / 20x
100 - 129, - 75x / 15x
130 - 149, - 60x / 12x
150 - 179, - 50x / 10x
180 - 199, - 40x / 8x
200 - 249, - 30x / 6x
250 - 279, - 25x / 5x
280 - 299, - 20x / 4x
300 - 379, - 15x / 3x
380 - 499, - 10x / 2x
500 > - 7.5x / 1.5x

Skill - 24x / 18x
Magic - 18x / 12x
Spawn - 1x / 1x
Loot - 4x / 2x

You can buy house after you reach level 75.
Your house will be freed after being inactive for 14 days.

Protection Level 50.
Free blessings till level 100.

Red Skull:
7 frags / daily l 5 frags
30 frags / weekly 20 frags
75 frags / monthly 40 frags
Red Skull Time: 1 days 3 days

Black Skull:
14 frags / daily 10 frags
60 frags / weekly 40 frags
150 frags / monthly 80 frags
Black Skull Time: 2 days 7 days

Server Specification:

- CPU: Eight cores Intel® Xeon®
- RAM: 30 GB
- Disk: 800 GB SSD
- Bandwidth: 600 Mbit/s UNLIMITED Traffic
DDoS protection

Suggestion for Player:

1. Start play in Rookslaer.
2. Every 12 hours you can buy one "Blessing Twist Of Fate" to increase the difficulty of the game. 
(this proposal is still to be considered, based on your opinions we will see if it will remain so.)
3.AutoLooting Mode 1 or 2
1 - onKillMonster
2 - onOpenCorpse

thanks to your feedback and reporting errors we will try to make a solid RPG server.

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